Product development

At Pike, we thrive on the power of collaboration to unlock solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

Your engagement with us will commence a dialogue that will shape the future of your project. We will work to your specific requirements and craft a blueprint that will align with your objectives.

The team at Pike are here to listen, understand, and collaborate.

Together, let’s embark on a collaborative adventure that will redefine what’s possible.


Our team of experts can work with you to develop your concept, test your thinking and provide you with design drawings that can be taken to the next step, prototyping.


The creation of a design and the development of a one-off rapid prototype will allow you to see, touch and test your product before it committing to production tooling.

Tooling Design and Development

Once you are happy with the design, we can offer you access to a range of tooling specialists, using the latest 3D flow modelling software, to develop your tools in a fast and efficient manner.

Off Tool Samples

Using the new tool, we will bring your concept to life. We will work with you to test it and provide you with off tool samples for you to review and ultimately sign-off.


With the tooling project complete, we can begin production. We will work closely with you to achieve this ensuring the product meets your specifications and quality standards.

Quality Control

Throughout the production process we will perform regular quality control checks to ensure the product meets the required standards, including checking for defects, consistency and durability.

Packaging and Delivery

At the completion of a production run we will prepare, assemble, pack and dispatch your products to your required destination. Your products will be delivered on time and in good condition using a reliable network of transport solutions throughout New Zealand and beyond.