What can PikeNZ offer you?

We work closely with our customers through the entire process from initial design and product development, material selection through tooling to manufacturing. This proven process has driven the success of many of our products and the businesses that supply them. PikeNZ specializes in manufacturing components that have a high degree of precision.



Product Design and Development:

Careful and professional initial product design is the fundamental first step in product development. Our involvement at this phase enables the product and tooling to be designed with the manufacturing process in mind and ensuring the finished product meets the need and is able to be produced in the most cost effective way. We are often commissioned by entrepreneurs to work on their behalf with specialist suppliers using 3D modelling, and prototyping.

The investment in this stage is crucial to ensure the finished product meets the design specifications and its ultimate practical use.

For established products PikeNZ works to continuously enhance and improve product performance as well as the cost effectiveness of the manufacturing process.






By working collaboratively with our customers and specialist toolmakers we are involved in all stages of the toolmaking process. Our expertise ensures the finished tool provides a high quality product that can be cost effectively manufactured to exacting requirements. At the conclusion of tooling mould trials are carried out for final verification. All tools residing in our factory are maintained by us for consistently high quality manufacture.






We have progressively invested in state of the art Toyo injection moulding machines. With computer controlled operations, robotic technology and auxiliary equipment continuous accuracy and reliability are assured. We source raw material and colourant from reputable suppliers, using Masterbatch dosed electronically for consistent and accurate colour from production run to production run. Our manufacturing plant operates 24 hours a day.





Post Moulding, Assembly and Packaging:

PikeNZ carry out a range of post production work including trimming, assembly and packaging. Our staff pride themselves on the highest standard of quality control and we are committed to deliver on time always meeting the design standard nominated by the customer.





Leda is one of Australasia’s most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of extruded plastic product to industry. We aspire to set the standard for quality and reliability in the markets we serve.

We manufacture a wide array of products includes tubes, pipes, core and profiles.

Over the years we have built competency and expertise in the fine art of extrusion and today we are widely regarded for our quality and service reliability.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you why so many businesses, both large and small, select Leda as their supplier of choice.